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 What A Mod Should and shouldnt Do !

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What A Mod Should and shouldnt Do ! Empty
PostSubject: What A Mod Should and shouldnt Do !   What A Mod Should and shouldnt Do ! EmptySat Jan 29, 2011 1:27 am

A Mod Position is a very nice one !
you have the Right to play with players , be whatever you want to do !

What a Mod Should Do :
- Help Players ( account hacking , hacks , ... save informations and give it to GM )
- Chat Ban spammers and the Players That Say bad Words !
- Defend his nation ( Each Mod will be in a kingdom, he can help players killing the enemy !)

What a Mod Shouldnt Do :
- Give Players Items and Money !
- Hacking Account Informations !
- Saying Bad Words

Each and every Mod have the right to get the items he want ! ( for his class : if warrior he get warrior items )
But these items Should Stay with him ! he cant give it to any player !

Thank you ! and For Players : Who see the Mods doing something wrong ! Please SCREENSHOT !
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What A Mod Should and shouldnt Do !
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