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 Metin2 Mage Healer Guide

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PostSubject: Metin2 Mage Healer Guide   Metin2 Mage Healer Guide EmptyFri Nov 05, 2010 11:09 pm

As a Mage in Metin2, do you want to get a guide for healer? Here is a Metin2 Mage Healer Guide i collect from other site. I post it here and just hope it can help more Metin2 players. If you have more guides on this, please feel free to post here.


Being a support inclined class, not much solo'ing goes down with the healing shaman, but, if you play well, and build your shaman correctly, you will have no troubles getting a party.

Pros: Can self-heal, party-based, on demand in; Guild Wars, Guilds, Parties, and its always smart for a warrior to have a good healer friend .

Cons: Pretty much party inclined, and doesn't stray far from the protection of your warrior friends , in offensive and defensive capabilities you are far from a warrior , closed in to being party-based, PvP is a word that is not present in your vocabulary .

Builds :

Full Int:

Pros: Never, ever, will you touch a mana pot, Your heals will be noticeably better, your skill damage will be rather respectable for a healing shaman.

Cons: Solo'ing is not a word present in your vocabulary, Your HP(you can use Metin2 yang to buy that from NPC), Defense, Atk Power, anything other than mana will be terrible, weak attack damage.

2:1 con:int:
Pros: Defense is of a respectable digit and will allow semi-good solo'ing abilities, HP will be similar to that of a warrior, or a sura.

Cons: Weak Magic damage, and in some cases even a weaker heal, mana will be significantly lower than that of your higher int statted friends, weak attack damage.

2:1 int:con

Pros: Definitely the most recommended and used shaman build out there to date, Good magic damage, Better healing capabilities, than that of your non-int friends, good HP pool, and defense is acceptable.

Cons: Quests in latter levels will be an issue, weak attack damage..

2:1 int:str

Pros: Similar to the 2:1 int:con your mana will be of a high digit, and mana pots will not be necessary, good attack damage, compared to a non-str build, satisfactory heal.

Cons: Your HP and Defense will be embarassing, and you wouldn't dare touch a wild dog with that fan!

2:1 str:int

Pros: Very good attack damage, and will not be skill reliant when doing hunting missions, or hunting etc. Intelligence is still a factor, but mana pots may be needed throughout the levels.

Cons: Solo'ing? What did you just say? - Solo'ing is not a possibility as your defense and HP are rather low, if you plan on solo'ing, stock up on those HP pots, you'll need 'em .

NOTE: Non-Int builds are strongly not recommended as you are a mage therefore, your magic should be able to do some damage, also, Int, slightly improves the amount you heal, and Intelligence improves a vast amount of things for a mage.


Natures Blessings: What would a healer be without a heal? This is generally the first skill mastered for a Healing Shaman.

Natures Enchantment: Improves attack power for a certain amount of time (varies depending on the skills level), it improves the amount healed, but until latter levels, 1 point is sufficient.

Speed of Wind: Increases movement speed, and at Master levels increases your casting speed, this skill is generally the second to master for a healing shaman.

Lightning Lance: Cool Down: 7 Seconds, 1 point is sufficient for this skill, as a healer is generally not offensively inclined, I would recommend this skill out of the 3 offensive skills the healing shaman has to offer.

Chain Lightning: Cool Down: 10 Seconds, In latter levels 1 point is sufficient, take note; use this wisely as for every mob you attack with it, it shoots out a recoil bolt that can strike random enemies, generally 1 of the 3 you are attacking.. but be careful

Lightning Strike: Cool Down: 15 Seconds; Chance to Faint 5% ( at level 1 ), this spell looks pretty cool, but compared to the other offensive skills you have, this is slightly worse, top that off with a 15 second cool down, and its not all to appealing.

NOTE: The order in which you level your skills is entirely your choice, do not take this guide as gospel as it is a guide, and these are only recommendations.

Read more,go to
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PostSubject: Re: Metin2 Mage Healer Guide   Metin2 Mage Healer Guide EmptyFri Apr 22, 2011 8:19 am

Nice Guide !
Thank you , From all the Players and I !
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Metin2 Mage Healer Guide
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