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 Metin2 Warriors for leveling up guide

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PostSubject: Metin2 Warriors for leveling up guide   Tue Oct 19, 2010 2:06 am

From level 1 to 21 you can level up your newbie by doing all quests while gaining gold and items and good exp.

From level 21 to 24: You can take your character the the Oath group and lure 4- 5 mobs wich will give you a good exp allowing you to level up.

From level 25 - 30 : Prepare a level 18 armor +6- 7 and a iron helm +5 with a good silver sword/war scythe +5 or 6 and a hp of 3k - 4k and go to the second village of your kingdom where you can gain decent exp by luring 6 - 7 mobs it will be very fast leveling up, Second villages also get the most popular and hunted metin stones : level 25 metin stone ( metin of black) level 30 metin (metin of darkness) level 35 metin ( metin of jealousy) these metins can give you a decent drop, and mostly stones +2-3 and a skill book and pots.

From level 30 - 34 : Now it's time to move to Nulla-Valley, in the beginning of Nulla-Valley you will meet the easiest monsters of the map: King scorpions. elite orcs. Elite chief orc wich will be in 4 monster groups, you can lure up till 4 -5 mobs wich will give a good Exp, and these monsters can drop you a level 30 daggers ( Black leaf dirk aka BLD), and while being in Nulla, you can always go hunt a Full moon sword (level 30 sword) and an Antler Bow ( Level 30 bow) where you can sell and collect good gold by selling them in shops/trades.

Want to know more,go to
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PostSubject: Re: Metin2 Warriors for leveling up guide   Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:27 am

Thank you !
A Nice Guide that everybody will Admire !
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Metin2 Warriors for leveling up guide
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